Some special artwork produced using Flash, AS3 and the HYPE framework

Above is some artwork that I've been creating using Flash, AS3 and the HYPE Framework ( It's a one-off piece and it's the first print I will have ever had professionally printed. Fingers crossed that it comes out looking great!

Although I've been a bit quiet recently on the generative art front, I've been secretly beavering away creating some different bits and pieces both as paid client work and for personal satisfaction. One of the big breakthroughs for me was finding the HYPE framework and utilising the excellent BitmapCanvas and ContextSavePNG classes to produce hi-res copies of my artwork. Hats off to Joshua Davis and Branden Hall for an excellent framework that is so easy to use and extend!

I've got some more cool artwork to post up in the next week or so that was used for a promotional flyer for London based Breaks night Supatronix. I'll cover how it was made and will probably release the code as well so people can have a play about and create their own versions!