Big swooping circle things!!

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After playing some more with a particle engine I'd written, I started to wonder what would happen if I drew using the particles as anchor points.  This is the result, a massive abstract mess!!


Getting closer in to the image reveals a level of detail that I find really fascinating.  The particles were spewed from an emitter and the Flash Graphics API was used to draw the circular shapes.  There was a BitmapCanvas from the HYPE framework capturing what was going on once every second and the colours were selected using the HYPE ColorPool.  Additional movement and randomness was added by using the Swarm and RandomTrigger classes.

The image was exported to PNG and because of the superb large canvas features included in BitmapCanvas the resulting file size is not only massive but crystal clear for high dpi, large format print runs.

This was really just a test run and isn't that great as a piece of art (in my eyes) so now I'm going to take this and build on it to produce some limited edition prints.  The theme I have in mind revolves around peoples' names and if it works will hopefully produce some absolutely stunning pieces of art.  I hope!!