FITC Amsterdam Diary - Day 2

<p>It's taken far too long to get this post up, so many apologies but I hope something of interest comes from it anyway!</p>
An unusual start...

Day 2 started with a really odd, but cool, surprise - I won an FITC custom bike!!  There had been a competition where a random tweet from someone at the conference would be chosen and that person would win one of the bikes on display in the Felix Meritis lecture halls.  Winning a bike was cool, getting it home, however, was not going to be!! Sadly, the cost of transporting the bike was going to be too high, so I left it with one of the Dutch Flash guys I met during the conference.









3D For The Masses - Carlos Ulloa

Back in November I attended a very in-depth training course with Carlos, so a lot of his presentation wasn't that new to me.  As always, his work was incredible and included his most recent experiments with Unity 3D on both the iPhone and using the desktop plugin.  If you've not had a chance to check out his Hello Racer site, the go and do so now, it's ace!



Building Maintainable Applications with PureMVC - Javier Julio

Javier was one of the intrepid FITC attendees that met up on Sunday night to get some pancakes after organising dinner using Twitter and I'd had his talk earmarked as one to see before attending the conference as I'd used PureMVC on several projects for Warner Music.
His presentation was well organised, informative and above all interesting.  I was kind of dropped in at the deep end with the PureMVC projects I'd worked on, so it was good to see what I'd done correctly and what, if anything, was wrong with my implementation.  PureMVC is definitely up there as one of the best implementations of a framework for AS3/Flash/Flex and Javier managed to communicate it's strengths really well.
Work / Play - Seb Lee-Delisle

I have always really enjoyed Seb's talks, and the work he shows is always inspiring and brilliant.  This talk wasn't about anything new that he's been working on, though I'd never seen his anaglyphic 3D stuff before so that was really cool.
The work he does for both Plug In Media ( and as personal projects ( is incredible - if you've not come across any of it, check out Big And Small and you'll soon see why he's held in such high regard. (
We couldn't quite get the hang of 3D pong (but gave it a good go) but I think that the other main piece of work that amazed everyone was the lunar lander game he created.  To be able to produce something that cool with a file size of 5K is absolutely stunning!

IMG_0206.MOV Watch on Posterous


Although Seb may disagree, his early start for the day (3am to get from Brighton to Amsterdam on time) actually enhanced his already humorous and typically British humour and though I was sat there laughing away I did wonder whether some of the other attendees 'got' his sense of humour.
The Cool Shit Hour

This was a mixed bag really, especially the poor guy that stood up to talk about motion graphics but couldn't the projector resolution correct so ended up showing us a tiny corner of a website.
In brief, the talks included a demonstration of some voice recognition stuff (using the new features in Flash Player 10.1), Infrared5's BrassMonkey WiFi communication framework that allowed the Trench Run iPhone app control the desktop version of the game over the WiFi network, Peter Nitsch's ASCII vimeo (, Samuel Agesilas showing us his dynamic layout framework Orchid (for use in Saffron) and the aforementioned motion graphics disaster from KGB Amsterdam!
Cinema 4D

After the cool shit I snuck down to the Dylan Ariana Room to see Cinema4D in action.  It looks like a great piece of software and I'd like to give it more of a go but unfortunately our production at the moment is so tight for time I think my 3D stuff will have to stay using Blender.  I do hope to get to grips with Cinema4D as the motion graphics stuff looked really nice (and the animation controls seem to be very intuitive).
North Kingdom - An Inside View

Anyone that works with Flash will know about North Kingdom and the exceptional quality of work that they put out so this talk was one that I'd triple circled in the FITC schedule as a 'must not miss'.
David Eriksson (Creative Director and CEO), who is a surprisingly shy and nervous guy given the stature of his company and his physical presence, talked us through the NK process overall and then specifically through the Teamgeist project they delivered for Adidas.



Seeing how the company is set up, their process, the attention to detail in everything they do (including mock ups and sketches) and their values was really inspirational and gave me something to aspire to in my professional life.  A great talk.
Wrap Party

The wrap party at Supperclub was great (especially the free bar)!  I got chatting to some friends I'd met during the conference and also some of the speakers (including a funny chat about international differences with Chris Allen!) with the best bit being the chance to bend the ear of Erik Natzke about his work.
I managed to nab Fernando Colaco's fold up bike at the end and had fun pulling out some tricks on the dancefloor (badly) - thankfully he's falsely accused somebody else of robbing his bike on the site so I think I've got away with that one!!
Home again

With the conference over, I headed home on the same flight as some very hungover looking boys from Fuse8 and landed back in Yorkshire to be greeted by fog and snow, the UK really is a wonderful place!