FDT, where have you been all my life?

I think a lot of people in the Flash community might well roll their eyes at this post but basically I've got to share the awesomeness that is FDT.

I took a little trip to London this week (more about that in another post) to take part in a two day, intensive, Advanced Papervision3d course run by Carlos Ulloa. The very first thing everyone did was break out their laptops and get the example code from Carlos (who is a top, top guy).

Now, he uses FDT, as did a couple of the other people on the course.  I use(d) Flex Builder 3/Flash Builder and so was interested to find out why they didn't (and also why Carlos said "there's always someone who uses Flex Builder" as if it's some dirty little software!).

Inspired by the guys on the course, the ease of jumping between classes and previous awareness because of tweets from Seb Lee-Delisle I decided to give FDT a trial.  I sort of wish that I hadn't as I can't really afford to lay out the cash for it right now!

Suffice it to say that the code completion, refactoring, cmd+1 (whatever that feature is called), svn, etc. are all brilliant.  I reckon I've speeded up my Flash development work by about 25% since I started using the demo.

If you're a Flash developer, try it, it's absolutely brilliant*.

*Obviously there are going to be shit bits and perhaps I've not found them yet but compared to Flex Builder it's a great tool and deserves to be considered by any Flash developer that takes their coding environment seriously.