Design Utilities - Wireframing Template

Design Utilities - Wireframing Template

A key step in my design process is getting ideas down on paper. It doesn't really matter where this happens, either in my lovely notebook or on sheets of A4, the key is to rapidly get ideas sketched out using good old pencil and paper.

One recent addition to my wireframing toolkit was a Fujitsu Scansnap S1500m - a great document scanner that does double sided scans very, very quickly. I've combined this with Evernote to get cloud based, text searchable documents that I can organise really easily.

In addition to Evernote and the Scansnap, I've created a custom template that I find is great for creating slightly tighter, hand-drawn wireframes.

We've been using this template in the office on all our recent work, with the resulting wireframes getting pinned up on the walls for review, scanned into Evernote for indexing and storage and included in documents that are shared with clients.

The template is light grey dot grid which I find is really good for guiding straight lines without getting in the way (as a more traditional squared paper may).

I don't know if people will find it useful but I'll share it anyway, happy days!

*Sorry, but the original download of this template has unfortunately been lost to the ravages of time