Advanced Papervision3D training in London with Carlos Ulloa

Last week Carlos Ulloa gave an intensive course on Advanced Papervision3D and I was one of the lucky seven that attended.

Carlos started off by explaining that he'd done big lectures, medium lectures and was now trying a different format as working with a large number of attendees often proved inefficient and really hard work.  I can vouch for the fact that as one of only seven on the course, two days with such a brilliant Flash developer in such closer quarters was absolutely amazing.

The course covered everything from the ground up starting with "the boring stuff" (Carlos' words) that involved quality and optimisation and then moving into the more in-depth topics of what actually happens with materials, projection, lighting, animation, etc.

A lot of it was mind blowing, and with such a small group Carlos was able to take time out of the schedule to talk us through some of the projects that he's currently working on.  It also meant that he could go into some of his presentations (such as the Flash on the Beach talk) in much more depth than he normally could.  The little tips and tricks that were divulged have quite obviously been learned over a career making some cutting edge Flash pieces, so to be able to pick them up first hand was great.

Suffice it to say that I'll be doing my best to get my teeth into some examples to put up here based on what we covered and I would recommend that anyone who has the opportunity to go on a course with Carlos do so, you won't regret it.  The guy seriously knows his stuff.

Oh, and the course also wins the award for the best food!  Lunch both days was great, not just the food but the (sometimes quite political) conversation was also really interesting - there were some personalities on the course!